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Hey, I’m Brett!

I am a Paris-based venture investor at TechNexus and I write about what I am learning and observing as I work with emerging technology companies improving health, happiness, opportunity, and productivity.

I send out new essays on a regular basis to over 2,500 investors, founders, and executives about the ideas and trends shaping the global innovation economy. You can subscribe below.

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I have had the chance to be a guest on a number of podcasts and love the exercise of sharing ideas in public. Here are a couple that I think provide good context for the ideas I am working on and the investment areas I am excited about.

The Seedtable Podcast

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Spotify and the future of audio, wellness and the power of incentives, the future of cities in a post COVID-19 world, and what makes Paris a unique technology hub.

Structural Shifts, by Aperture

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How the future of audio will be a social experience with various network effects loops. One of the core investment areas for TechNexus is audio and media. And so, in this episode, you’ll hear me talking about that, with the host, Ben Robinson, as well as talk about the various concepts that I’ve coined, including ‘internet escape velocity’ and ‘clampetition’.

Panic with Friends, Howard Lindzon

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Thoughts about the massive trend in audio, the European venture ecosystem, and the merits of bottoms up investing.